Service Features
Worldwide Blockchain Incubation Platform
  • Professional Sets

    Project Plannings
    Project Evaluations
    Demand Analysis
    Agent Operating Services

  • Technical Support

    Side Chain Service
    DAPP Development
    Interface Service
    One Key to Send Token

  • Marketing Service

    Industrial Alliance
    TD Ecological Community
    Talent Link
    Mining Mechanism

  • After-sale Service

    24-hour professional team’s
    operation and maintenance all
    the way to improve the upstream
    and downstream matching of customers

Business Model
Project Consulting, Technical Support, Packaging Planning, Industrial Alliance

Project Plannings

Project Evaluations
Demand Analysis

Agent Operating Services

Development Vision
Global Block Chain Ecosystem and SME Block Chain Transition Platform
TD platform will build a global block chain ecological network based on TD chain. In the ecosystem of TD platform, users can use TD chain quickly and easily to develop their own block chain projects. TD platform provides services for the small and medium-sized enterprises, and helps them expand their business to the block chain industry. Providing new business markets for small and medium-sized enterprises, it brings fresh blood into the global block chain market and promotes the rapid development of block chain technology. TD platform relies on the rich ecological resources of the TD chain to provide block chain technology support for listed companies worldwide, to help them gain technical advantages in the block chain market, and to enable them to expand business safely and quickly.

Introduction of the TD Block Chain Incubation Platform

TD platform is responsible for helping block chain industry market to further develop and it applies block chain technology to many scenarios. Through TD chain as the core, TD platform is oriented to users worldwide and changes the development mode of traditional block chain projects. TD Platform is dedicated to serving the vast number of users worldwide, popularizing block chain technology and expanding the application scope of block chain technology.

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Disclaimer and Strategic Cooperation

There is no legal, financial, commercial or tax advice in this white paper, and you should consult your own professional counselors in law, finance, tax or other fields before carrying out any activity. No member or worker of TD institutions, dealer / supplier shall bear any direct or indirect damage or loss. You can access any other web sites or information that are listed in this white paper, which is published on the official website of TD institution. This white paper is for general information purposes only and does not constitute a prospectus, an offer document, a securities quotation, an investment request or any sale of any product.

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Golden Finance


Golden Finance and Economics is a one-stop block chain industry service platform which gathers industry news, information, market and data. We pursue timely, comprehensive, professional and accurate information and data, and are committed to providing the best information services for block chain entrepreneurs and digital money investors.

Chain to finance


Chain to Finance and Economics is a professional block chain project service platform, which provides professional services such as block chain project report, investment consultant, project analysis, market quotation, project roadshow, community service and so on for the vast number of block chain enthusiasts.



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